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For Explore postal moderation, you submit a sample of arts logs selected by Trinity College London.

Explore postal moderation is available only to centres that are not able to meet the standard moderation minimum fee. Centres that meet and exceed the minimum fee must book a standard moderation.

You can enter for Explore postal moderation by booking a sample confirmation date via the adviser portal. On this date, we will e-mail you the names of the young people selected in the random sample and you must send these arts logs within 2 working days.

How much does it cost?

Postal moderations are charged on a per-head basis and a postal fee will be added to your invoice to cover the cost of returning the sample arts logs by recorded mail following moderation.

Find out more about moderation costs

Before booking

• Your centre must be registered via the adviser portal
• Advisers must be linked to the centre via the adviser portal
• Check that you are using the most recent toolkit when delivering and then assessing your young people’s arts logs, as this is the toolkit that you will be moderated from. The most up to date toolkit for Discover and Explore is 4th edition, updated September 2017. If you are using older editions you can download the updated pages by going to www.artsaward.org.uk/toolkit or purchase a new toolkit 

How do I book?

Log in to the adviser portal and select the option ‘Request a Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold moderation’. You will be able to select one of our upcoming sample confirmation dates, which is when we will request a sample of arts logs to be sent for moderation.

The young people's arts logs and fully completed adviser assessment report forms must be ready and available to be sent within 2 working days from the sample confirmation date you selected.
Places on sample confirmation dates are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have digital arts logs that are available online or on Artsbox, you must inform us in the ‘contextual information’ box of your booking and we will provide further instructions about how to submit your work when we confirm your booking.

*View our currently advertised sample confirmation dates and book*


What happens next?

Once you made your request through the adviser portal, we will send you a booking confirmation e-mail within 3 working days. This e-mail will be sent to the adviser who requested the moderation. If you have not received your confirmation booking email within 3 working days, please contact PostalModeration@trinitycollege.co.uk

Please ensure you read the booking confirmation e-mail for further information and instructions about how to confirm names for moderation.


What happens on the sample confirmation date?

We will e-mail you the names of the young people, whose work will need to be submitted for moderation, and instructions on how to submit the work. An arts log plus completed adviser assessment report form for each of the young people in the sample must be sent within 2 working days from the issue date of this email.

Please note that we are unable to take responsibility for arts logs in transit, and recommend that you use recorded mail when posting arts logs to the moderation venue.

We will notify you of the moderation result by e-mail within 4 weeks after confirmation of the sample, and return your work together with the moderator’s feedback form shortly after.

Explore certificates are dispatched within 6 weeks from the sample confirmation date, subject to payment. Find out more about Arts Award certification.


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