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What is involved in hosting the moderation?

In order to host a Joint moderation your centre must be able to have a space where the moderator can look at the portfolios from each centre and a separate area where the adviser(s) / young people from other centres can wait until it is their time to moderate (find out more about hosting a moderation on the Moderation Guide).

Please note, although all centres will be moderated at one venue, each centre will be moderated separately and will be given individual feedback which will not be connected to the other centres being moderated on the day.

What happens on the day of the moderation?

When all centres have placed a moderation booking and confirmed their young people’s details, Arts Award will email a timetable for the day to all centres. Each centre is allocated their own moderation timeslot. Please note, unless otherwise specified, the host centre is moderated first at their preferred start time. Guest centre/s will be moderated consecutively following a short break.

The moderator will speak with the adviser(s), look through a sample of the portfolios and then meet with 25% of the young people from each centre (up to a max.10, or 15 for groups of 80+).

Any guest centres who require IT equipment for their moderation should contact the Arts Award helpdesk to check if this is available at the venue.

How much does it cost?

Each individual centre booked on to a joint moderation will be liable to pay a minimum fee of £135 and all of the moderation fees from the centres booked onto the moderation date, combined, must reach the overall minimum fee for the day of £450 or exceed this amount in their moderation fees.

Should the centres moderation fees combined not meet the minimum fee, the balance due will be split equally between all centres and you will receive an additional invoice for your share.

Find out more about moderation costs

How do I book?

You can request a joint moderation at any time of year but must book at least 8 weeks in advance of the date you wish to host the moderation. All requests must be completed online via the adviser portal.

A joint host centre can request their moderation for any number of young people.  However, if you are moderating large numbers there will be no financial benefit to you in opening your moderation date to other centres. A standard moderation may be a more suitable option.

View the joint moderation dates currently being advertised

All centres must submit an individual moderation request via the adviser portal.

If you do not submit individual online booking requests and your young people’s names are confirmed under the wrong centre, their certificates will incorrectly state the name of that centre. Further, this centre will be invoiced for the full moderation.  

Please be aware, where young people have been entered for a moderation under the wrong centre Arts Award will be unable to amend certificates retrospectively.


Book now

Before booking a moderation you should ensure all advisers entering young people are linked to the centre. Find out more about registering or linking to an Arts Award centre


Request a Bronze, Silver or Gold joint moderation by logging into the adviser portal




What happens next?

Arts Award will send you a booking confirmation email within 3 working days after receiving your request. This email will be sent to the adviser who has requested the moderation. If you have not received your confirmation booking email within 3 working days please contact artsawardenquiries@trinitycollege.co.uk

The moderation date is then advertised on the Arts Award website. The date is open for booking until 4 weeks prior to the moderation or until the date is fully booked. The host centre is not responsible for contacting the other centres.

Certificates will be sent within 4 weeks from your moderation date.


What happens if no-one else books on to my moderation?

View our Terms and conditions of booking

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