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Explore postal moderation

The upcoming sample confirmation dates for Explore postal moderation are:

• 16 April 2018
(Book by 19 March / confirm names by 26 March / send sample arts logs by 18 April)

On the sample confirmation date, we will e-mail you the names of the young people selected in the random sample. For detailed info, visit Explore postal moderation


Bronze/Silver/Gold postal moderation

The upcoming moderation dates for Bronze/Silver/Gold postal moderation are:

• 9 March 2018 - date now closed
(Confirm names by 16 February / portfolios to be received by 2 March)

• 23 March 2018
(Confirm names by 2 March / portfolios to be received by 16 March)

Places on Bronze/Silver/Gold moderation are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For detailed info, visit Bronze/Silver/Gold postal moderation



Request a sample confirmation or postal moderation date by logging into the adviser portal



*Your booking confirmation e-mail will provide full instructions about the next steps*