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2012-2013 Good Practice Centre

See a film showing Greenfield School and Sports College's approach


Greenfields School and Sports College is a co-educational special school in Northampton. Students have a range of mixed ability Special Educational Needs.

Greenfields have been running Arts Award in new media and visual arts for three years. The Bronze Award is delivered through the curriculum to Key Stage 4 students. So far 17 young people have achieved awards. Claire Frogley is the lead adviser.    


Arts Award is delivered within curriculum time and students are encouraged to develop at their own pace, with independent learning carried out at home. Delivery of the award is adapted to support the individual needs of those taking part. Students are assisted by a communication support worker and make use of British Sign Language, symbol writing and mark making activities to communicate their ideas.

Partnerships with other local schools provide opportunities for students to share their skills. Greenfields plan to expand their Arts Award provision in the 2012-2013 academic year, by offering Silver Arts Award and beginning to deliver to students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.


Arts Award has increased students’ independence and their confidence in exploring the arts in a way that is meaningful to them. The school community values the accreditation Arts Award brings to students’ individual development.

The highlights of delivering Arts Award for Claire are when students have a breakthrough moment. One example was in a recent project when students learnt to use scissors independently as part of their work in printing and textiles towards Part A (taking part in the arts). Students were allowed time to explore the skills they needed to develop at their own pace.

Cultural Links

Students have previously visited the Clothes Show Live for Part B (explore the arts as an audience member). This supported their work in printing and textiles and also provided an opportunity for them to experience a live arts event.


Greenfields School hosts joint moderations with other centres, and have always enjoyed the opportunity to share the impact of students’ creative journeys with the moderator. The moderator’s meeting with the students is an important aspect of this.


The school was awarded an Access Fund grant in the 2011-2012 academic year to contribute towards cost of tickets to the Clothes Show Live. Ordinarily, costs for running the award are met through curriculum budgets, parental contributions and the fundraising efforts of 'Friends of Greenfields'.


‘I became an Arts Award adviser to provide our students with the opportunity to receive recognition and accreditation for the skills, knowledge and understanding they develop at their own levels.’
Claire Frogley, Design and Technology Coordinator and Arts Award adviser

‘Achieving an Arts Award encourages students’ interest in adult life. It shows that their individual work in activities they enjoy can be supported by accreditation. This can have an impact on their future choices for college placements.'
Anne Wykes, Head of Sixth Form

'We visited the Clothes Show and I liked the wedding scene the best.'
Joe, Bronze Arts Award achiever

'It was a pleasure to assist Joe in his work towards his Bronze Arts Award. His motivation and enthusiasm were largely due to the fact that he was allowed to choose what he was interested in.

'Joe enjoyed the Clothes Show Live. It was a new experience for him, which helped develop his descriptive verbal communication skills. It also helped him to develop coping strategies for new experiences and appropriate behaviours for situations.'

Sue Morton, parent/carer of Joe who achieved his Bronze Arts Award

'At Greenfields we are able to involve students across the whole ability spectrum to participate in and enjoy art in its many forms. Arts Award supports the school’s values through increasing independence and encouraging confidence. It supports students across the whole school and enables us to celebrate and recognise their successes, regardless of their ability.'
Kate Wilson, Parent Governor