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What is an Arts Award Supporter?

 An organisation or artist offering activities that young people can use towards their Arts Award, such as:

  • workshops
  • arts and cultural events which they can review
  • opportunities to find out about artists and cultural opportunities
  • a chance to share skills or lead arts projects
Find out about successful Supporters

Why become an Arts Award Supporter?

Supporter offers you a way of promoting your activities to young people and Arts Award centres for free. You don’t need to run the Arts Award qualifications or have any specialist staff - just think about how your existing programmes can contribute to Arts Award! When you have developed your offer and let us know, you will be added to the Arts Award Supporter mapOur Supporter Starter Kit will help you to do this. 

How do I become an Arts Award Supporter?  It’s as easy as ABC... 


Please read Arts Award Supporter terms and conditions 
If you know about Arts Award, go straight to the Arts Award Supporter tutorial which takes approximately 15 mins.  Turn up the volume on your computer, listen to the information and check your knowledge along the way. 

If you’re new to Arts Award, or want to refresh your knowledge, you should start by looking at our online tutorial*:  Introduction to Arts Award

*please note: Arts Award tutorials are uploaded in flash format which is not viewable on Apple mobile technology (iPads and iPhones) and old versions of Internet Explorer. 


At the end of the Supporter tutorial, follow the link to our registration form.  Once you've registered, we'll send you the Supporter Starter Kit and logos plus a form for you to describe your Supporter offer.


Complete the final survey and add your Supporter offer to your website. This should be a clear statement on your website which explains how young people and schools can use your programme or venue for Arts Award. It doesn't have to be detailed but should show that you know what activities are relevant to Arts Award)

Once you have completed the final step we’ll add you to the Supporter map, or we’ll be in touch if we need more details.  

If you have any questions, please see our help centre.