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Changes to Terms and Conditions for booking moderations


We have recently updated our Terms and Conditions of Booking. These changes will affect all centres who are booked in for moderation from the 1st March onwards,  as well as all new moderation bookings which are confirmed from the 1st February onwards.


Here is a quick summary of the main changes:

»  All changes to the moderation date are chargeable at £25 per change

»  All names must be submitted as normal 3 weeks in advance of the moderation but no substitutions or additions are possible later than 7 days before the moderation. There is no cost incurred if you make any changes earlier than 7 days before the moderation. Please note that this means that moderators will not accept additions/substitutions on the day of the moderation from the 1st March onwards.


In addition, please remember to ensure that young people’s names are confirmed via the adviser portal against the adviser who has assessed their work, as the moderator may not be able to give you individually written feedback for advisers who are not listed on the mark sheet.


We have been in touch with all centres booked in for moderation after 1st March to ensure that you are aware of these changes and have a copy of the updated Terms and Conditions.


View our Terms and Conditions of booking